Hope Chest

When Lyle Hadlock asked me to make a hope chest for his benefit concert, I couldn't refuse, and not just because Lyle's such a wonderful person. Several woodworkers in the area created hope chests for the auction to raise money for the Food and Care Coalition (https://foodandcare.org/). Mine, of course, is a kinetic sculpture. 

It starts at the top with a funnel (which is also the handle of the lid) leading randomly to 3 tracks two of which lead to two more funnels with two tracks leading off of them for a total of 5 tracks. One track each on the front and two sides, and the two spirals on the front corners being the remaining 2 tracks.

The wood is oak from BYU campus that my brother Jacob and I saved from being chipped and walnut that my brother-in-law Ray and I saved from power lines. So, wood that got a second chance will now give people who need it a second chance.