Each Life

This piece started to take shape in my head several weeks ago when I began to see how many more opportunities there are for 2D art than for 3D. I still wanted it to be kinetic, interactive, playful, nostalgic, and have multiple layers of meaning, but I wanted to see if I could do all that in two inches or less. I was also hoping for something that had less chance of breaking and would be easier to maintain than my previous pieces.

The maze design for Each Life is based on two circles (representing two lives) that touch and interweave. I think there are many possible variations using other geometric shapes or line drawings as a foundation for future mazes. Also, I'm looking forward to experimenting with different woods and lamination patterns.

I made the sculpture from black walnut, white oak, and mahogany with alder for the frame. The single 3/8 inch steel ball is moved through the maze with the help of a one inch long, 3/4 inch diameter neodymium magnet embedded in the mahogany wand. The glass is 1/8 inch window pane grade.

The frame is decorated with a second maze that wraps all the way around the piece.

It is 57 inches wide, 36 inches tall, and 1 and a half inches thick.

For the details of how I made Each Life, you can look through the