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Kinetic Maze

The Kinetic Maze is a beautifully complicated twist on a classic. Traditional maze puzzles ask you to take the marble from the beginning to the end, but the Kinetic Maze's cylindrical design adds to that challenge in unexpected ways. You will never see the entire maze at one time with half always on the other side of the circle. Also, the dead-ends and traps are particularly tricky to avoid with the slopes and curves of the Kinetic Maze on every pathway. Like our Kinetic Scepters, the knobs at each end of the Maze are receptacles that the marble drops into with a satisfying, hollow click announcing your victory. Holding the Maze, you will both hear and feel the gentle rumble of the marble making it a piece of fine art that is pleasing not only to your eyes, but also to your ears and to your touch. We use a hand-rubbed oil finish to further enhance the tactile experience.

The Kinetic Maze can be enjoyed and displayed as it is or together with a stand or wall mount including our custom stands and wall mounts.

All of our sculptures are made from a variety of quality hardwoods including walnut, mahogany, ash, and oak. Your sculpture will be entirely unique in color and grain pattern based on the particular woods we use to create it. If you are interested in specific wood species for your sculpture, please send us an email and we will do our best to match it for you. Some requests may require additional expense to fulfill.

The Kinetic Maze is approximately 27 inches long.

We will complete your Kinetic Maze within approximately three weeks of your order.