One Step Forward (and Two Steps Back)
This is the first prototype of my second rolling-ball game. I have no clue what to call it.
This game is 12 1/2 inches by 18 inches.

The board consists of a base with three pairs of matching slats. The slats are one column wider than the board and game play involves sliding the slats back and forth that one column width to produce tracks for the marbles to roll through.

The board sits on a fulcrum so that at any point in the game, the marbles will roll toward one player or another.

By sliding the slats and tilting the board, you try to maneuver the marbles toward your end of the board and away from your opponent's.

The goal is to end up with the most marbles.

But any that fall out the side during the game are out of play.

I think this game will come with a basic set of slats with optional slats available as add-ons.