Although it wasn't the first thing that came to mind, this game took shape the quickest. These photos are of my first prototype(s). It ended up a lot like "The AMAZEing Labyrinth" with the  players sliding tiles along rows and columns creating ever-changing pathways. The goal here (I think) is to be the first to cross the labyrinth. Each turn you get to slide tiles and roll the board on the central pivot.

This prototype ended up 25.5 inches across. A little big for the average game closet. Working on reducing it...

Each tile is either a tee, a turn, or a straight. I originally made crosses too, but that made it too easy to win the game quickly.

The key is the central pivot.

Prototype #2
This version has a weight to hold it down to whatever side is currently in play; I've adjusted the end goals to be more clear; I've changed the ratio of tiles (dropping the crosses entirely) to make it less easy to reach the other side of the board; and, most significantly, I cut the size down considerably. First prototype was 25 inches across (try fitting that in your game closet); this one is 18 inches.

New, smaller size, fewer tiles, better marking of goals.

Comparing 25 inch first version with 18 inch second.

Profile shots are sexy.